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Transformation: The Way Through by Helen Jeanne Bibelheimer

Transformation: The Way Through by Helen Jeanne Bibelheimer

Transformation: The Way Through by Helen Jeanne Bibelheimer

The pictures coming to us from our Hubble Deep Space Telescope are wonderful and full of beauty and mystery. We can see back in time billions and billions of years. We can see stars being born in the Orion Nebula. Each Nebula is surrounded by flat, dusty round disks that potentially could turn into planets. Astronomers last fall witnessed the birth of stars within monstrous columns of gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula, a region 7,000 light years away from Earth in the constellation Serpens. Hubble also found clear evidence of black holes. These are whirlpools of dust, gas and stars being drawn into a pitch-black vortex, a galactic core. Hubble saw cosmic hula hoops. Supernova 1987A is a star over the Southern Hemisphere that exploded 170,000 light years from Earth. When Hubble zoomed in on the supernova, colorful rings were observed orbiting the remains of the obliterated star. Hubble zoomed in on a far spot in space and found 150,000 galaxies in camera range. 150,000 galaxies, each with stars that have planets. Think on the unlimited mansions of life available for our contemplation. What exciting times we move our consciousness in.

There is no doubt. We truly are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are everywhere doing the job we asked for when we took the Earth assignment. We are very brave to come at this point in time and at this point in history. But we wouldn’t have missed it for anything. So here we are, all of us, loosely connected to each other and to the grid of creation. We search each other’s eyes for a glimpse of the oneness we remember and know to be the truth of our being. We remind each other that we are co-creators.

Some of us are protecting the Earth. We are helping her recover from the cumulative effects of the ignorant actions of our own species. Our awareness has started a transformation in the thinking of the world. As I write this, 5 killer whales were captured by Japan and the world is asking for their release. Why? Because we know these whales need to be returned to their families. We are aware! Thank God! We are beginning to say no to the senseless killing and eating of other conscious citizens of our planet.

Some of us are drawn to helping awaken the creativity of our brothers and sisters. We are involved with growth movements and circulating books and information for lifting consciousness.

There are those who need to know God and hear the voice for God in their own awareness. We are in churches and consciousness movements. We practice stillness and meditation, and knowing God from within.

Some of us are feeding the hungry now. We are everywhere there is a need for clothing and food. We motivate others to collect and pass out needed items. We lift the general awareness from each one’s self-absorption in their personal story toward compassionate social action on behalf of those less fortunate.

Some are teaching positive thought and New Age medicine. We know that the mind directs the body and that sickness manifests in the mind before it manifests in the body.

We have learned to set the intention of healing as our first goal. We change our diets and demand fresh, untainted, whole foods. We change our shopping habits and support the natural foods stores. Everywhere people are taking charge of their own health. More and more we hear of “doomed” people inexplicably getting well without the medical doctors help.

We are also in the governments, in the banking system, the IRS, and every other agency that holds the present structure together. We are there with dual purpose: to humanize these institutions, and to help humanity make the great leap from monkey mind to the Human Kingdom of co-creation without collapse.

Being everywhere is a great responsibility and a wonderful adventure. We all came together to play out this great drama as we move into greater and greater levels of consciousness. What do we need to do in order to complete our transformation? Let go of all birth trauma, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, psychic abuse, spiritual abuse, school abuse, government abuse, religious abuse. We don’t pretend it isn’t there. But we find the way through the maze to our real Self that is beyond the body’s memories. We came before the body! When we take responsibility for the body we inhabit, we no longer live under the law of cause and effect. We enter into a new law that is above and beyond cause and effect. We are harmless and no harm is possible to us.

Somehow, those Hubble images from deep space, gorgeous and extraordinary, offering transporting visions of an infinite and eternal Universe in constant birth, transformation and death, remind us of these things.

Look at our world. Look at all that needs to be loved in this world. Remember that each time you choose to love instead of hate, you assist planetary awareness in rising up. Never think that your part isn’t needed. Everyone’s part depends on your part!

As Dr. Spock would say: “Choose life with a transformed mind and choose health with a transformed body.” It is the only logical thing to do as we move into a transformed reality. No Fear!

Helen Bibelheimer has been deeply involved in the metaphysical community of Salem for many years.

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