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Alternatives for Cultural Creativity

Alternatives Magazine works (and plays) with the ideals and activism of the emerging culture. We are a forum to express and/or locate the holistic ideas, practitioners, products and events that support a life well-lived. Our platform recognizes that, from the context of "dominant" American society, an integral culture is emerging.

Concerned with values of spiritual transformation, ecological sustainability, holistic health, political and economic justice, self-actualization and authentic expression, enlightened parenting and truth-based intimacy, we are open to the ecstatic possibilities.

What's Inside Each Edition

Contributors have broad scope to cover the topics that matter to them. We look for individuals with expertise and experience to approach the field in question from a fresh and novel perspective.

No single reader will find every article agreeable and engaging. That is not the goal. We strive to publish thought-provoking pieces that stimulate dialogue in areas that matter.

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