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Rapid Eye Technology by Ranae Johnson

Rapid Eye Technology by Ranae Johnson

Rapid Eye Technology by Ranae Johnson

Let’s assume that your family of origin had some unresolved issues (don’t they all?). Within that family dynamic, you may have gotten the message “you’re not good enough” or “you have to take care of me.” So you go through life feeling that, indeed, you really aren’t good enough, or that, in order to be loved, you have to take care of everyone else’s needs. Once you’ve taken on this huge burden, it can lead to your own addictive process, co-dependency, or just plain burnout.

Such dynamics are generally accepted as part of the human condition. We may even recognize how our own life is compromised by such dynamics, yet find it difficult to break the patterns. My own experience has taught me that to live our lives and make our decisions free from such negative conditioning requires education and new skills. I have dedicated my personal and professional life to this process.

Rapid Eye Technology was developed over a period of 30 years and is a combination of inspired information and deep study. I began using parts of this method with my autistic son and with other individuals who were not being adequately served by the established medical community. I had some stunning results. For instance, my son is now an adult living in his own apartment. He holds down a job and is living a fairly normal life. This is quite amazing when you consider the usual alternative for an autistic person.

Rapid Eye Technology releases emotional stress and provides education and skills for increasing quality of life.

RET is a process that uses eye movement. The rapid eye process simulates rapid eye movement with an eye-directing device moving in a neural-linguistic pattern in front of the person’s eyes. This stimulates various sensory data. (For instance, when we look up, we’re accessing memory; when we look down, we’re accessing feelings.) We go into these various places with this pattern to find the source of the stress. As the person blinks, information stored in the body is accessed and released. The eye-directing device helps to access different parts of the mind, such as auditory, emotional, and visual memories. It also helps the right and left hemispheres of the brain work together to process the problem and to release the stress and trapped trauma.

Rapid Eye Technology is used for all types of stress-related conditions. The wonderful thing about RET is that it’s a short term therapy program, and it’s safe. Many people ask, is there a danger of releasing too rapidly? In my experience, the answer is no. We all have excellent survival systems. We developed these systems in order to protect ourselves, and our psyche will only allow us to release old trapped trauma as fast as we are able to assimilate the changes. Most people release trauma in layers.

Rapid Eye is a wholistic model. First, we do a quick review of the person’s medical, psychological, and family history. Then we introduce a neurological integration exercise that begins brain access to stored preverbal memory. This integration allows the client to process, more naturally, all emotions–past, present and future. From there, we facilitate the process of exploring/releasing negative core beliefs through the use of various aids. In all of this, we create a very nurturing and safe place for processing. The miracle of Rapid Eye Technology is that a person does not have to relive every traumatic event in order to release the attendant stress. Clients are conscious and always have control in their sessions.

Technicians are well-trained and are there not to control but to facilitate. We do not diagnose, prescribe, or advise. We begin by seeing the client whole and healed (the master plan). We hold them in that space during their session. The body (through RET and Life Skills) soon catches up to that place of being whole and healed. We always end each session with positive reframes. Whatever is released is replaced with positive information. Other techniques are used during personalized sessions to address the issue of falling back into old patterns. We also offer a free Monday evening class on Life Skills, which is the cognitive portion of Rapid Eye Technology. These classes help the client practice and anchor new techniques rather than reverting to the “same old stuff.”

With Rapid Eye, the individual is able to make his or her own connections between the trauma and the subsequent events in life. For example, we have worked with people who reported they were rape or incest victims. We have seen them move from self-hatred and self-degradation to loving themselves and making positive choices. We have also worked with individuals who felt trapped in their lives in other ways. After one or two sessions they have been able to create dramatically positive situations for themselves. Others who were severely ill have become healthy and functional after releasing their emotional stress. Still other individuals have reported cessation of panic attacks, combativeness and the whole realm of self-defeating behaviors to which we are prone.

I know there’s a lot of people who say, “Well, I don’t really believe in these ‘miraculous’ quick healing things.” In many cases, I agree. The journey for some people is longer than for others. But seeing what Rapid Eye Technology has done for people over the last 15 years is phenomenal. Bottom line, it is working to change. For me, the biggest “miracle” happens when a client goes home, able to move through life with grace and joy. They see the connection between their actions and what happens. Just getting through the day loving yourself and loving the world is the miracle many would choose for their lives if they could. RET can help that to happen.

Ranae Johnson, Ph.D., is the founder of this model of Rapid Eye. Rapid Eye Technology, Inc. is an educational, scientific organization dedicated to the enhancement of the worth, dignity, potential and uniqueness of each individual and, thus, to the service of all. It embodies unconditional love through awakening, creating gratitude, honor and universal community. Questions are welcome: 503-399-1181; or toll free 1-888-399-1181.

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