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In Harmony, On Behalf Of Our Nation’s Children: Creating A Community Solution For Children At Risk, Part 3

In Harmony: A Unique Inter-Generational Model

“We don’t have a youth violence problem in America, we have an adult violence problem. —Tony Hobson

In Harmony is an exciting, innovative approach to placing children in adoptive homes. Located in Corvallis, Oregon, this neighborhood will include 10 homes staffed by professional parent/teacher couples. Each home will have up to five children ages eight and under. Another crucial component of the program will be 30 affordable homes for seniors 58 years and older. In addition to their rent, seniors will guarantee five hours per week of their time and talents to the families, the children and the community in general. Additional components of the In Harmony program are community education and training, family education, advocacy for each child, program evaluation and periodic reviews of the children as they mature.

Among the goals of In Harmony are an aggressive search for adoptive parents, healing care for children traumatized by early experiences and removal from their families of origin, continuing support for children and adoptive parents until children reach the age of 18, and long-term research to assess the impact of this program.

While models for some of the individual segments of In Harmony are in place elsewhere in the nation, no other program as all-encompassing as this exists in the U.S. Professionals, parents and children eagerly await the completion of this extraordinary plan so that it can be replicated in other areas.

In Harmony’s goal is nothing less than 100 percent success as measured by how well the children are doing. The program is committed to their functioning successfully within their family, school and community. “If we set a goal below 100 percent, we will be satisfied with less than what these children deserve,” explains Executive Director Brook MacNamara.

The next step toward In Harmony becoming a reality is to raise $1 million by the end of February, 1999. In late 1998, the capital campaign received an unprecedented kick-off in the form of a grant in the amount of $250,000 from the Ford Family Foundation. In Harmony’s success in raising $1 million will qualify the program to apply for an additional $750,000 in grant money.

In Harmony partners include Curry Brandaw Architects, Salem; U.S. Bank; Washington Mutual Bank; Key Bank; The Collins Group; and Congress-woman Darlene Hooley.

Many loyal and committed individuals have given both money and time to In Harmony since its inception in 1993. Now, In Harmony must extend its fund-raising endeavors to obtain major foundation support in addition to substantial individual philanthropic support.

To learn more about the program and how you can contribute, please contact In Harmony in the following ways. Write: In Harmony, 500 SW Madison, Suite 2, Corvallis, Oregon 97333. Phone: 541-753-3960, 541-753-3852.

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