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The Dragoons of Cultural Fantasy Part 2

The Dragoons . . .

While Blue Moon retained its indication of rarity, some allusion to a sense of plenitude was added. “Get ready, this month’s going to have lots of energy with that Blue Moon at its end!” Oh. Really? Well, considering the Moon’s orbit isn’t any quicker, it’s hard to imagine where the additional energy would come from. I thought about this a lot. (In Oregon, in February, when it rains all the time, you do things like that).

The Wiccan tradition calls this moon the “Black Moon.” Spells cast on this night are said to be especially powerful. But since most people don’t know what a Wicca is, there’s probably a simpler explanation. Something mundane, like having five paydays in a single month. Of course, believing five paychecks in a month makes you richer sets you up for a rude awakening four weeks later.

Upon dispassionate examination, a Blue Moon will simply appear as an artifact of arbitrary divisions of our calendar. The Lunar Cycle is 29 and a half days long. Whereas our months, with the exception of February, are longer. Four have 30 days, seven have 31. It’s interesting how February came up short. As the story goes, Augustus Caesar stole a day from February so his month, August, would have just as many days as his Great-uncle, Julius Caesar’s month, July. We all need to feel special.

These facts, along with our year being approximately 11 days longer than 12 lunar months, result in some years having a 13th Full Moon. It’s got to go somewhere. So some month gets a second Full Moon, the so-called Blue Moon. Whether or not this constitutes a rarity depends on whether once every two and a half years feels rare. 1999 happens to have two Blue Moons. The last time this happened was in 1961. Two Blue Moons in a year happens about four times a century. Is that rare?

I can’t remember the details, but one night in a Pub I heard someone hold forth how this was a foreboding sign that the coming Millennium would be a doozie! Something about the increased energy from all these Blue Moons would put us over the top. As the night wore on, conspiracy theories, alien eating habits, and Mayan galactic force fields obliterated the grip of logic. Blue Moons may be nothing to mess with, but neither is a good Brauenmeister who knows his trade.

People seem compelled to create things to justify a sense of specialness. If One Blue Moon is heavy, then Two Blue Moons will take us to the Brink.

But really, if a Full Moon doesn’t happen around the 1st of January, like it did this year, the one around January 31st would fall in February. This causes the Full Moon on March 31st to fall in April. Thus, giving us no Blue Moons at all. For there to be two Blue Moons in a single year, February must have none. The variations depend on when in January the first lunar cycle begins. The difference is usually no more than a dozen or so hours. Sometimes it’s so close you’ll have a Blue Moon, but friends a mile east will not. Arbitrary divisions producing imagined rarity. Take away Caesar’s thievery and even fewer years would have Blue Moons. Would fewer Lunar Paydays ease our pain?

Is this the stuff that Liberation is made of? Are we about to find the Promised Land or face the Pearly Gates? Do we always need harbingers to convince us our times are momentous?

Maybe we do. Maybe, surrounded by so much negativity and doubt, we need all the help we can get. Is it so difficult to believe we’re already in good standing with the Universe? Such awakening is possible. Do you feel it?

No? Okay, for you Jaded Naysayers out there, get this. I began this article 333 days before the beginning of the New Millennium. Pretty Awesome, huh? Well, Numerologically speaking that’s Utterly Auspicious.

No? Okay. Try this. Add 333 to 1000, then subtract the total from 1999, what do you get? 666! Now you can’t tell me that isn’t Heavy.

Still not convinced? Okay. Take the Second letter in the word New. Add the third letter in Satan. Then take the first letter in Cascades. Add the second letter in January. Followed by the second and third letters in Millennium. Then, take the last letter in North. The second letter in Moon. The first letter in Momentous. And finally, add the first letter of the second word in the phrase, “Most Excellent!” and what do you get? “ET. CALL HOME!”

Get it? Communication with the Pleiades! I’ll tell ya, Mon! It’s Happenin’!

Yeah. I admit, that’s stretching it. But do you think you’d be more edified if I substituted a documented exposé on how the Y2K Bug spells total disaster? Or if I helped you suck down another Alan Greenspan admonishment about how the economy can prosper indefinitely if we just bite his analytical bullet. We just need to tighten our belts so the billions in assets of his Federal Reserve can remain safe and sound. Get it? (You didn’t actually think those assets were ours, did you?)

If we take a closer look at these predictions with a fresher perspective, they may appear as ridiculously constructed as my extracted message from the Pleiadeans.

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