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Confronting Goliath: Exploring the Link Between Projection and Mass Oppression, Part 4

(Confronting Goliath . . .)

Retraining self awareness so that the locus of psychological power resides within is the third step in the process of converting short-term inspiration into long-term accomplishment. This happens naturally, by degrees, as consciousness evolution (movement from a less spiritually based to a more spiritually based awareness) unfolds. While this evolution is occurring, there are a few practices that can aid in bringing this inner empowerment about. You can make it a point to be extra aware of your emotions so as to catch the projections as they naturally occur. Then you can examine each emotion to determine whether the locus of the projection is internal or external. If the projection serves to motivate you to accomplish a goal or to clarify something about your view of yourself, your belief systems, or the world, then it is a healthy projection.

For example, admiring a boss or professor and consciously modeling the qualities you want to strengthen in yourself is healthy projection. On the other hand, idolizing a boss or professor to the extent that you give up your will to question them and become dependent on them to feel good about yourself is unhealthy projection. This is basic, but crucial stuff.

It is also important to learn to bring the unconscious dynamics of projection into conscious awareness. You can retrieve your psychological power by educating yourself about the ways that sources of power manipulate your awareness. Learning and practicing critical thinking, as well as understanding the influence of mantric repetition, trance, subliminal suggestion, catch phrases/rhyming in advertising, and neuro-linguistic programming can greatly increase your independence from psychological manipulation and allow the freedom to clearly feel, act and live the archetypes that you, in essence, are. I found it helpful to explore books by Claude M. Bristol, a self-made millionaire who used the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming to achieve success. If you want a straightforward introduction to the system as a science, O’Connor and Seymour’s Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a good place to start.

I have discovered that I am beginning to naturally acquire some of the NLP tools and faculties through my own lengthy training in psychology and in my continuous strivings for higher consciousness. I understand their power to influence and I have been somewhat blocked and afraid to use them. As I rigorously purify my inclinations for power, I am finding that the blocks are just beginning to erode and let the voice of truth underneath come through. I believe it is better to be cautious with these treasures and to stress self-examination so that we do not fall prey to the “dark side” of the Force, letting them erupt unchecked in a geyser of selfish gain.

Healthy projection uses the external world as a mirror to foster intimacy with yourself, the world and all beings. Unhealthy projection serves as a screen, blocking a full experience of self and world. Striving for a greater, more functional intimacy will allow us a deeper, more permanent fulfillment. Intimacy is that inspirational feeling of being alive and fully you, a conscious being that is interdependent with every other conscious being in existence. Intimacy is real strength; the strength of vulnerability in which every interaction takes place in a heightened and meaningful way.

The world of embodied archetypes is drenched with meaning. Our identities draw their water of life from this well, and it is our birthright to preserve and express this identity. It is possible to confront, demystify and detoxify the giant web of distracting influences beckoning us into an anonymous, meaningless mass of media psychosis. It is possible to see through its seemingly impenetrable shell to the naked workings of its gears, like the false wizard in the Wizard of Oz. Intimacy and authoritarianism are incompatible. Consciousness and oppression are incompatible. When David emerged from the masses, Goliath fell.

Maria A. Todisco, Ph.D., is an educator, transper-sonal psychologist, writer, and researcher/editor for Balthazar Productions. She holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology (East-West Psychology) and a traditional MS in Counseling and Human Services, which reflect her versatile knowledge of human psychology. She has taught at the California Institute of Integral Studies and John F. Kennedy University, and has studied closely with renowned mystical author Dr. Andrew Harvey for several years. She has recently relocated to Los Angeles, and will also be teaching psycho-spiritual critical thinking classes and workshops in area colleges while she writes and continues her exploration of consciousness evolution. Dr. Todisco can be contacted at (213) 387-0272 for scholarly research and writing help, tutoring appointments, or psycho-spiritual consultation.

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