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Conscious Evolution Through Trust of the Self by WhiteWind Swan Fisher

Conscious Evolution Through Trust of the Self by WhiteWind Swan Fisher

WhiteWind Swan FisherConscious Evolution Through Trust of the Self by WhiteWind Swan Fisher

"Be a part of conscious evolution through trust of the self. Give the world your dream."

Preface I was born a seer with a great affinity for people and the ability to help them realign their lives in ways that create greater happiness. I was also born a channel, spiritually receiving the model of consciousness I now teach, known as Spherical Reality™. As a young person growing up in upstate New York some 46 years ago, I noticed early that the atmosphere was not generously receptive toward seers and people who utilized alternative methods to the norm of knowing. I was unable to find a place of ease for myself, as there was no role directly named in our society for someone with my talents. Religion was too far from the self, which told me I was Source. Therefore I became the next best thing, a transpersonal therapist.

I grew up and met many people of different spiritual paths, from all parts the world. I was recognized for my special awareness by Virginia Satir, who initiated the field of family therapy. I was told by Kahunas of the ancient Hawaiian tradition of spirituality, and by medicine people from both Africa and Native American tribes, that I was rare. They told me that what I came to offer this age would contribute to a change in the way the masses presently view the world of relationship, freedom and the ability to create their lives from heart. I learned to identify myself as a "shaman" due to the completeness of my use of the subtle realms of consciousness to guide and direct my life and what I bring to it for others.

I owned my life as a shaman and have worked for the past ten or more years with healers and initiates who have come to me by word of mouth. I chose little visibility publicly. However, my work has grown and people are receiving many advantages from participating in it. It is not appropriate for me to live invisibly any longer if the opportunity to learn Spherical Reality is to spread to others. And so I find that I am at another turning point in my life, a point of "coming out" in the world.

Spherical Reality and the birth and development of Friends Landing have been a journey of my art and creativity in the world. My methods are not structures formed out of the creative spirit I am; instead they are the creative spirit I am, organized in a form that assists others to expand their own consciousness and form richly satisfying relationships, as I have done. My life has been turned inside out and upside down by my quest to complete the "art" of bringing this material into the world. Now, thanks to Peter Moore (the editor who pressed repeatedly for personal story in this article and refused the original version), I am sharing the simple truth of how it began for me. I understand the gift simply as Source, flowing through me, using all that I am to render its loving witness to us once again through Spherical Reality (a model of consciousness) and through what it honors as being human.

My good friend, Chrysta Anderson, the Director of Friends Landing, told me, when I wondered aloud about coming out with my story, that I should relate the time I took my mother out to inform her I was going to commit suicide. I wanted to say goodbye. (My mother is a wonderful friend of mine and I felt I could talk to her cleanly about how to rid myself of my great pain-this of course was before accepting my life as a seer!) I was in extraordinary pain, living as I did in the false ways. At the time, I could not bring myself to talk to most people about what I "saw" and "who" was talking to me. It was excruciating to meet people socially, yet hear inside that their aunt was about to die, or that they had better change their tires because one was about to blow out. How did you tell people you knew these things? If you did, how could you live up to their expectation and haunting endless need for you to perform your intuited "magic" again, to prove it was real, or to tell them if they were safe in their ongoing decisions of life? I was tired to death of hiding these truths and navigating socially so no one would think I was weird. I was afraid of rejection because of my intuited knowing. I had decided to give up.

Then quite unexpectedly, I had a life changing insight-I could decide to live as God! The release of years of built up tension surrounding this issue was striking. I immediately heard the laughter within me of those who so often taught me from the subtle realms. This realization, that I could decide to live as God/Goddess (or whatever anyone wanted to call it) allowed me to trust in the innocence of my heritage down to my very cells. This was my initiation into the role of being a servant to the world.

I had always been called 'daughter of the WhiteWind' inside myself during my visionary teaching by spirit as a youth, and 'WhiteWind' throughout my adult life. Many years ago I took that name for all who were closest to call me. I took it legally when I moved to Oregon in 1993.

In 1997 I learned I was part Native American. However my family had hidden their ancestry due to the racism suffered around "matisse" (mixed Indian peoples) in the Louisianna area two generations ago. There are many funny-and not so funny-stories that come out of this journey, stories that shock even me (and I lived them), and stories that illustrate the injustices we have all suffered in the world. In the end, none of these is the point. What is important is the outcome of the journey. For me that outcome is about teaching awareness of the true nature of life and consciousness so that relationships may be enriched through understanding of what brings about divine union of the heart!

The conventional understanding of being human teaches people to be inauthentic out of fears of being rejected. I teach and support a new development of social protocol that relies on honest interaction, and views authenticity as a gift from one another, rather than a threat.

What follows is the article I first prepared for publication in Alternatives. It is a good article and I hope you enjoy it. It just needed the context of my journey and breath of trust to enter this publication, thanks to Peter, your editor. I like Peter's courage and integrity of purpose, and honor it with my own.

Changing the World of Healing Traditionally those in the fields of mental and medical health were taught models that sought to discern illness and dysfunction, diagnosing people with labels and prognosis. As a therapist, I found this heavy, unsatis-fying, and ineffective. At the core was a basic distrust of our own humanness. During my schooling and early practice with people I found these views and models more and more unsettling.

Inspired by my work as a Shaman and a personal need for a different way to view life experiences of my own and of those I worked with, I created Friends Landing in 1986. By focusing on what people wanted, instead of what was "wrong," Friends Landing became a new arena of trust and 'allyship' to help people manifest the dreams and relationships they want most. Friends Landing is based on the simple premise that all people have a unique expression to offer the world at every moment. Some call this destiny. Simply put, as you identify your dreams and gain the personal leadership skills to effect them, you be-come able to manifest your destiny and grow in a natural sense of joyful adventure, well being, wisdom, and playful creativity.

Creativity is a cornerstone because it activates the release of the unique sense of purpose in every individual. When we are creative we are able to tap into a deep natural sense of confidence and knowing, clarifying us to greater awareness and better choice making for personal well being. Creativity insures looking at life from our own center of being, seeing our special part in the living play of life itself.

The main ingredients found in creative flow are: intuition, a sense of right fit in the heart, and congruent action. Creative flow of this nature is of key importance to health and balance in the world of the individual and the greater communities that are formed by individuals.

Living from a sense of "right fit" in the world requires trusting your own innocence. When innocence is in the leadership role of our lives, it allows us to pour forward into the world, blessing it with diverse, magical, and unique expressions!

Friends Landing was my destiny in the world. It emerged as I followed my own sense of "right fit" applying the principle of honesty. As I became more honest in my own life, I could not live with a model of life that did not fit who I was. My teachings and the model of consciousness, Spherical Reality, were the result of an outliving of my own diversity standing on the shoulders of those who went before me and those who come after me. It was my form of intuited "creativity/artistry" showing up in the world as me working with people.

Honesty is paramount in our new paradigm approach to happiness. Crucial to our lives of well being, honesty guides our way to freedom, clarifying us from arrogance and fear, creating courage out of these energies instead. It sets free our innocence and creativity, sets them free to mold our world according to what really works for the heart, creating harmony for the whole.

In the old paradigm, social protocol sold white lies and other ways of being dishonest. Honesty was often impossible without pain or rejection. We viewed ourselves insecurely and felt unsafe about the value of our individual honesty. In front of your mother, try to tell Aunt Martha you do not like the beans she served. See what response you get! Our old understanding of the world and how to "fit in" did not allow us to be real with our expressions. We believed we were unsafe, the world was unsafe, and we could go wrong if we trusted ourselves. Being "in" with the crowd was most important. Diversity that comes from following your own heart's dream was not permitted and at a deep level, not trusted. In our new paradigm, going with what "fits in the heart" is essential to a satisfying and healthy life.

A large part of my work is creating new social structures and etiquette that correspond to this foundation of self-trust and the importance of individual diversity. Previous models of humanness, including some institutions of religion and psychology, are riddled with fears and trepidation. Many of these institutions became ways of managing those fears instead of transmuting them. Such models portray human beings as consumers that can "run out" or "not have enough" to maintain well being.

At Friends Landing, I teach people that we are not consumers, we are transmuters! I noticed that I did not just go empty when I ate, but instead created a body out of the food! This may sound like common knowledge, but think about it! When we fully recognize that we can "shape" our worlds by what we choose to take in and by where we place our attention (like how intrinsically capable we are instead of looking for what is wrong!), we experience freedom on a whole different level. We find we are natural shapers of the world from where we sit, right now! We are either shaping the same old thing out of conditioning or we are creating anew out of trust in ourselves!

We do not consume food; we transmute it to a body. When humans experience and learn, the knowledge is transmuted to understandings that are used to make choices. These choices shape our worlds! Wherever we look, we find we are transmuters not consumers. We can shape life into what we want if we get good at focusing our attention on the meals of heart we are really after. We can learn to move beyond knee jerk response in a flash, when we understand it as a release of conditioning instead of some big fearful psychological issue.

Diversity is the natural way in which contrasts are provided to us as a species to insure stimulation and further evolution of our consciousness. Individuals and the manifestation of their dreams are critical to this process. You and I are equally significant to the whole, despite our status, education, intellectual ability, family heritage, etc. Each individual's unique part insures their value. I developed Spherical Reality to make it easier for people to understand this reality. It is a simple model that articulates a mechanics of consciousness and how it works. It allows us to manifest joy in our lives and relationships. Conscious living puts in motion a new tide in our evolution, both individually and collectively, by supporting greater choice toward personal harmony, which ultimately creates collective harmony.

Spherical Reality makes distinctions clear between the mindless conditioning of our genetic and environmental histories and the chosen intent of our heart. As we practice the concepts found in the model we come to understand that all life manifests from the same "stuff" of the universe, call it Source. This Source is consciousness manifesting itself throughout all of creation including every one of us! Each individual as that Source plays a unique part in the whole living mandala of Source's life. People suffer when they are unable to express the diverse agent that they are in life. When we express our dreams and natural diversity in honesty and innocence we are agents of change for the whole and naturally provide clarification to the whole and remedies toward greater harmony.

Be a part of conscious evolution through trust of the self. Give the world your dream. Our culture will be enriched and shaped by you and your actions today.

WhiteWind Swan Fisher is a shaman, therapist, artist, writer and founder of Friends Landing, Inc. Friends Landing is a coaching, certification and educational company that revolves around Spherical Reality™, a model of consciousness and humanness that offers a new paradigm for self development. At present, WhiteWind lives at her farm with three generations of family in the foothills of the Cascade mountains in Springfield, Oregon. She is writing a book on Spherical Reality to be published this next year.

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