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Radical Astrology by Emily Trinkaus

Radical Astrology by Emily Trinkaus

While the Bush cabal invades and plunders more oil-rich countries, dooms more humans to starvation and homelessness, and destroys the living systems of Earth with astonishing efficiency, rest assured that the game isn’t over. In fact, it’s starting this spring.

Uranus, planet of revolution, moves into Pisces on March 10 (and stays til 2011). When the slow-moving outer planets change signs, we astrologers get very excited. The transition of Uranus from Aquarius into Pisces signals a revolution in consciousness that will bring world peace (and/or, if history is doomed to repeat itself, the rise of global fascism). The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, reminding us that one reality can flip into its opposite. What is reality and what is illusion? Pisces, lover of paradox, says, Both.

Historically, the planet that rules mass movements gets into trouble when traveling through the sign prone to confusion and loss of boundaries. There is a danger of blindly losing one’s identity in the stream of conformity, and the potential for democracy (Uranus) to completely dissolve (Pisces).

During the last Uranus in Pisces period, 1919-1927, the Nazis gained power in Germany and Mussolini’s fascists took over Italy. Democracy wasn't blossoming here at home either. The FBI, under the creepy watch of J. Edgar Hoover, terrorized suspected “radicals” while the Palmer Raids arrested almost 3,000. Immigrants accused of being Commies were rounded up and deported by the thousands; KKK membership and activity were at an all-time high.

Deja vu? “If America's 21st Century Nazis are allowed to continue their insanity, Hitler may well look docile in comparison,” writes Ken Nichols O'Keefe, a Gulf War I veteran who has since renounced his US citizenship. Indeed, this time around the proto-fascists have nuclear weapons and Total Information Awareness technology. Homeland Security's “special registration” of certain immigrants has resulted in hundreds of arrests, detentions and potential deportations, revealing the Department's brutal, racist agenda. This promises to be only the first step in a program of social control, featuring blatant disregard for civil & human rights.

Ideally, Uranus in Pisces inspires a peaceful revolution based on unity with all of humanity. O’Keefe, who is leading a contingent of over 100 Westerners to act as “human shields” in Iraq, embodies this spirit, as a “world citizen prepared to act in solidarity with the most wretched on our planet” (see uksociety.org). His words and actions echo those of Mahatma Gandhi, whose non-violent revolution was born during the previous Uranus in Pisces period.

Gandhi's movement gives us a model for resistance: non-cooperation and civil disobedience on a mass scale, along with radical changes in our daily lives.

Uranus in Pisces also rebels against traditional expressions of spirituality, waking us up to the Aquarian-Age understanding that we are ALL god. J. Krishnamurti, a spiritual rebel who first took his radical message on the road during the 1920s, dissolved the organization that formed to worship him, declaring any leaders and followers inherently evil. His teaching that “Truth is in everyone” is now repeated by the psychic children communicating with James Twyman (see emissaryoflight.com). Koya, a 4-year old Japanese boy, paralyzed since birth, says, "The saints have just begun to enter"—and we are the saints. The revolution is happening on subtle and sometimes invisible levels.

Pluto figures prominently in the chart of Uranus entering Pisces, alerting us to the need to come fully into our power during this time. We each have the choice to align with power-by-force or with universal power, which we access through the truth of our being. Pluto, first identified in 1930, is linked with the atom bomb —humanity's awareness of its capacity for self-annihilation. That awareness, still unconscious during the last Uranus in Pisces period, could now wake us up out of the dream of separation.

Two volcanic Eclipses in May could catalyze the energy of Uranus's new position. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15 is a prime time to give up old patterns or addictions, shedding whatever prevents us from connecting with our core. At the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on May 30, we have the opportunity to launch new ways of thinking and communicating that help us understand and accept differences among people.

Global unity is no longer an ideal, but our only hope for survival. Malcolm X, a Uranus in Pisces native born in 1925, gave us the recipe for how to get there: "We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity."

Emily Trinkaus, Virgo, is a writer, astrologer and peace activist living in Portland. For information about individual readings, or to receive free New and Full Moon reports via email, call (503) 288-7097 or email [email protected].

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