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Emily TrinkausRadical Astrology Nuturing the New World by Emily Trinkaus

If there was any doubt about the Bush Gang’s infinite brutality and ruthlessness, the invasion of Iraq set the record straight. “I think they thought we wouldn’t shoot kids. But we showed them we don’t care,” said US Army Private Nick Boggs, voicing the New World Disorder.

Where do we go from here?

Saturn’s move into Cancer on June 2 (till July ’05) invites us to recreate the world from the inside out. During Saturn’s trip through Gemini the past 2 years, we reclaimed our mental authority and learned to speak the truth. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, turns our attention to inner realms: home, family, feelings, and nourishment. Our task is to reclaim emotional authority and create an inner foundation that supports our work in the world.

As the outside world seems increasingly chaotic, repressive, and violent, we may feel there is no safe place on the planet. Personally, nothing makes me feel less secure than the Domestic Security Enhancement Act (sequel to the Patriot Act) and Homeland Security—the shadow of Saturn in Cancer. We can expect more fear-based propaganda promoting nationalism and xenophobia, designed to justify “protection” from the police state.

Saturn in Cancer asks whether our safety ultimately depends on external circumstances. We are encouraged to take responsibility (Saturn) for our feeling of security (Cancer) by going deeply inside ourselves to heal old wounds. With a heavy Plutonian influence in the chart of Saturn entering Cancer, what we discover in our subconscious may scare the hell out of us. We have to face our fears, purify our intentions, and sacrifice our egos in order to be reborn.

Decolonizing our inner reality is part of the process. Throwing out the myths that we are powerless to create positive change in the world and that we are separate from each other are good places to start. Saturn in Cancer asks us to examine where we draw the boundaries of family, and ideally we expand our definition to include all of humanity and all living beings.

The US, born on July 4, is a Cancer Sun. Historically, karma kicks in for the nation and its leadership during this period. Both Nixon and Vice Pres. Agnew had to resign during Saturn’s last journey through the sign of the Crab, 1973-76. The Mid-East oil embargo and subsequent energy crisis forced the nation to face the consequences of its military adventures and hyper-consumption of resources.

Considering that Bush is also a Cancer (born July 6), 9 out of 10 astrologers agree that the administration is in for a rough ride. The extent to which the public (Cancer) can reclaim its authority (Saturn) will determine whether significant change is effected or if Bush is simply replaced by a slicker, more competent puppet pushing the same American empire agenda. 

Despite the signs of destruction everywhere, we are called to recognize and nurture the sprouts of the new world under construction. We find our authority when we take responsibility for what we create in every moment, through our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The Summer Solstice (June 21), when the Sun enters Cancer, and the New Moon in Cancer (June 29) are powerful moments to set intentions. Uranus in Pisces, forming a flowing angle (Trine) to Saturn in June and July (and later in the coming year), supports creating innovative social structures based on compassion, empathy, and universal love.

The Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant of the Solstice chart (18 Virgo) reminds us that in doing our inner work, we contribute to the collective effort: “A seeker after spiritual rebirth does not strive alone. It is Man who is taking a step toward rebirth.” Cooperation rather than competition, “the personal ego-centered ambition to succeed,” is recommended.

As we suffer the inevitable pains of rebirth during this period of accelerated growth, we can look to our indigenous ancestors for guidance. A Hopi Elder, channeling Saturn in Cancer, asks: “Where are you living? What are your relationships? Are you in right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. Create your community. Be good to each other. Do not look outside yourself for the leader.”

What we leave for coming generations depends on our actions during this time. Harnessing the maternal power of Saturn in Cancer we have the opportunity to unite as a people, becoming responsible stewards of our true homeland, Mother Earth.

Emily Trinkaus, Virgo, is a writer, astrologer and peace activist living in Portland. For information about individual readings, or to receive free New and Full Moon reports via email, call (503) 288-7097 or email [email protected].

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