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Put Away Your Toys by Asia

Put Away Your Toys by Asia

Put Away Your Toys

Shred the Death crone Waiting by your door Life is too precious to waste on the wrong details Put away your toys of mutilation and destruction decide for yourself What is more important Loved ones waiting for you or deathly justice? Indestructible beauty hidden by scars and emotions Talents never seen A closet human You deny yourself life You live with fear Fear of becoming yourself fully Come into the light The Shadows have faded from memories past and old torn photos. Life experience is waiting Forget what you think you know and emerge from the womb of sheltered days and endless pains. Break your securities Come out from under the covers And breathe the new air with rejuvenated life. Feel reality with newborn skin and see the world With unseen eyes.

by Asia

Alternatives Magazine - Issue 28

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