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The Turning Wheel – Astrology for rEvolutionaries Winter 2007/08 by Rhea Wolf

The Turning Wheel - Astrology for rEvolutionaries Winter 2007/08 by Rhea Wolf

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The Turning Wheel - Astrology for rEvolutionaries Winter, 2007/08 by Rhea Wolf

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The Turning Wheel - Astrology for rEvolutionaries Winter 2007/08 by Rhea Wolf

Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.1 Change is good. 2 You must be the change you want to see in the world. 3 You cannot step into the same river twice. 4 If you’re afraid of change, leave yours here. 5 These and many more adages will be coming soon to a reality near you.

The shorthand: We’ve got another Mercury retrograde period (Jan. 28 – Feb. 18), telling us that the bigger picture is actually created by the patient implementation of subtle details. The eclipse cycle in February focuses luminary energy to help us find compassion (Virgo) and ultimately, true freedom (Aquarius). We’ve got Pluto moving out of Sagittarius into Capricorn (more on this later.) And to top off our little astrology parfait, the Lunar Nodes will be changing signs. But Rhea, you’re thinking, I’m just recovering from the last round of eclipses. Surely the Gods will give us reprieve from such disquietude? But my dears, the Gods, in all their weird and mysterious wisdom, keep expanding the universe, making ever smaller particles, and asking for just a little bit more from us. All because they love us. So let’s dive in.

The past six months brought us circumstances to test our personal will. We’re still being pushed to release our most abiding attachments and unconscious behavior in areas like identity, relationships, work and beliefs. Continue to focus on curious exploration and building internal energy reserves through February. Ask “What if?” and “Why not?” Ask friends and family for their opinions. Remain contemplative instead of moving right into action. As Mars moves retrograde, plans and projects initiated from now until January 29th could ultimately end up in the recycle bin, leaving you more confused about what you want.

It’s extremely important to take it easy during the December holiday frenzy. Remember that winter is our time to go inward and search out the subtle spark of new life in our imaginations. You seldom find that on sale at a Big Box store, although ads might indicate otherwise. Our familiar, post-holiday familial wounds will be more raw than usual. There’s potential here to heal these persistent scars, but it requires willingness to see with new eyes. Are there ways you expect to be hurt by people in your life? If so, can you see a way to accept their shortcomings and pain?

In December, the Moon’s Nodes (which are points in space) move into the Aquarius-Leo axis. This energizes us through collaboration, using our creativity to help fulfill collective goals. Focusing only on personal needs will make us feel frustrated and unable to activate our Higher Selves. Instead, use the personal to inspire and change the broader landscape. Maybe there’s a catchy slogan we can use for this. Hmmmm. How about “The personal is political.” (Has that been used already?) If we take time to listen to others, we will see how our successes and challenges are connected by circumstances—social, economic, religious.

Mending our endangered relationship with Earth requires that we whole-heartedly commit to opening to the Powers of the Feminine. As Pluto moves into Capricorn throughout 2008, the feminine in her form as Dark Goddess—the Black Madonna, Kali, Green Tara—demands that we shed personal and cultural resistance to her. This will threaten many people who are unwilling to yield to forces beyond explanation: intuition, compassion, justice, spirituality, sexuality, death/rebirth. Transformation occurs by facing your fears and accepting your imperfections. Can you imagine embodying your sexuality in healthy ways? How is death a sacred gift?

This season, topics that are often labeled as “women’s issues” have to become everyone’s priority. These issues—education, healthcare, peace and justice, food and nourishment—are connected to our responsibility to honor the sacred within and around us. The masculine desire to explore—to conquer the world both literally and metaphorically—has been the driving force of society. We need that urge within us; it sets us on the quest and creates concrete change. But this productivity and individualism must be tempered by our understanding of inter-relatedness. I’m reminded of the line from Wendell Berry’s poem “Manifesto: Mad Farmer Liberation Front” which asks, Will this disturb the sleep of a woman near to giving birth? Let this question guide you in aligning with the sacred and birthing the new world.

1. Arthur Schopenhauer 2. T-shirt wisdom 3. Mahatma Gandhi 4. Heraclites 5. As seen on many a tip jar

Rhea Wolf is an astrologer, witch and writer in Portland, Ore. She is available by phone and in person for readings. To schedule a reading or to sign up for her monthly Full Moon reports, email her at [email protected].

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