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The Turning Wheel – Astrology for rEvolutionaries – Summer 2008 by Rhea Wolf

The Turning Wheel - Astrology for rEvolutionaries - Summer 2008 by Rhea Wolf

The Turning Wheel - Astrology for rEvolutionaries - Summer 2008 by Rhea Wolf

The next few months promise opportunities to channel creative energy into new outlets, invigorating our jobs, homes and politics with a fiery “can-do” attitude. While the energy is definitely high, we must also move toward greater balance in our lives by resting, clearing away the old, and getting practical. Nationally, the pressure is on to think more of others than ourselves. As the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius reminds us, healing damaged parts of ourselves will help us find ways to serve the larger community with compassion.

On the edge of mighty transformation or terrifying collapse, we have to become inspired bridge builders, in our communities and within our own psyches. This is especially true in regard to the feminine-masculine polarity; both halves need attention and healing. Culturally, the feminine needs more respect, authority and freedom, while the masculine needs more openness, boundaries, and playfulness. What does the feminine part of you need? The masculine?

Jupiter is retrograde right now, so take time to reflect on areas of your life that have been growing. Growth is tricky, although capitalists tell us it’s eternally necessary for a healthy economy. All life grows—that includes flowers and puppies, as well as cancer and invasive plants. During this summer, work to understand growth in your life. What’s healthy and what’s actually destructive? When Jupiter goes direct in September, it will get involved in a string of trines with Saturn in Virgo. This is a helpful astrological aspect, and supports implementing new projects, career changes, or lifestyle choices—as long as we do our homework and roll up our sleeves. Examine the way you eat, work, love and live, paying attention to how the choices in one area affect other areas. Do these activities feel good or challenging? Ask yourself whether your lifestyle is healthy for you, your family, our planet. Then cut out what’s not working, what’s stress-inducing, what’s wrongly motivated, or just plain crazy.

I’m not going to stop singing this note, dear people. This is a time to simplify. The purpose of our simplifying is not to create a sense of deprivation. It is not to live the austere, quiet life of the penitent monk, removed from all worldly distraction. Quite the opposite, the purpose of this radical revisioning of our lives is to create the greatest potential for beauty, wildness, creativity, and camaraderie. When we simplify, our agility and flexibility in meeting the present moment increases. When we simplify, our passions and goals become clearer. When we simplify, stress is replaced with urgent clarity about what needs to be done. What do you need to be able to roll with the punches? What keeps you grounded through both success and failure?

The up-coming eclipses on August 1st (Solar at 9 Leo) and 16th (Lunar at 24 Aquarius) will reveal the areas of your life that need socially conscious awareness. We are artists of this revolution: shifting the balance of power toward systems that actually work to support life, leaving room for inspired creativity, and honoring lots of different perspectives. In the Leo-Aquarius model, we celebrate the wild genius in everyone. Our own emotional upheaval or self-indulgent fantasies cannot be wallowed in any longer; we have to transform personal concerns and visions into collective action. Are you afraid of looking foolish? Are you worried that others will let you down? Me too. Let’s do it anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve considered my options and have decided to invest in the future. It’s a pretty risky venture with uncertain returns. At the same time that we are simplifying our personal lives, we have to understand that solutions to the big challenges that face us as a species are not so simple. The world will probably not be saved by more energy efficient light bulbs, properly inflated tires, or even bio-fuels. It will take a radical transformation of society. It will take real grit and real love, the kind that doesn’t shy away from pain, danger, and uncertainty. Making hard choices is on the horizon, blazing like the rising sun. We all have a soft spot for the trappings of Western Civ. What are yours? Coca-Cola, air travel, tomatoes in January? It’s time to remove those safety nets. Real security, connection and comfort can never come at another’s expense, whether that “other” is a mountaintop or a migrant worker. You already know that. We all do. Are you ready to be strong?

Rhea Wolf is an astrologer and writer. She is available by phone and in person for astrological and intuitive readings. To schedule a reading or to sign up for her free Full Moon reports, email her at [email protected]. Rhea also offers creative writing workshops with Portland Women Writers (www.pdxwomenwriters.com).

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