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The Wisdom of Ancient Ways by Andrew Clauer

The Wisdom of Ancient Ways by Andrew Clauer

The Wisdom of Ancient Ways by Andrew Clauer

As modern medicine moves forward it is increasingly adapting ancient ways to help those in need. Only 40 years ago, acupuncture was not recognized by the AMA. Now, pharmaceutical companies are using the knowledge of tribal healers to gather important herbal information, discovering many new medicines. Chi-Kung and meditation are now common alternative healthcare modalities in many hospitals around the country. Additionally, people are finding help through traditional healing modalities in their searching for alternative answers to problems that modern medicine has been unsuccessful in treating.

From the Taoists of ancient China, Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is starting to be introduced to the West. Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced Chee Nay Tsang) is a form of abdominal bodywork focusing on improving the overall health and function of the internal organs. Using guided breath work, physical manipulations, Chi-Kung and meditation, CNT teaches students how to identify and break personal patterns of tension in the body.

Your belly should be soft like a baby’s, allowing the free movement of food, blood, lymph and energy (chi) through the organs and surrounding tissues. This allows the organs to function at peak performance. As a strategy against pain we learn how to protect ourselves by contracting the tissues in the areas where we feel it, disconnecting from these places in the body. This coping behavior of course causes tension and, as we go through life, we start having more and more of these tensions. The organs stop moving the way they should in the belly, and begin adhering to each other, the hips, ribs or the diaphragm. Toxins build up in these areas, and as less circulation of fluids and energy get into these places, various symptoms begin to occur.

Symptoms are actually healthy signals from the body, telling you that you need to change something in your life, to bring your attention inside, to see and change what you are doing that is unhealthy. They are a healthy response to an unhealthy situation. If we learn how to listen and care for our inner selves it is amazing how quickly the body can return to a state of good health.

As a practitioner of this modality, it is my view that western medicine has taken away our power to take care of ourselves. We have been taught to listen to the words of doctors, and have forgotten how to listen to our own internal needs. Instead of listening to the communication that the body is sending we mask the symptom with drugs or surgery. Instead of being heard the message is ignored and the body then needs to come up with something stronger to get the message through. CNT empowers its students to take control of their own care, to listen to their inner truths, and improve their own health without the need of getting so sick that medication or surgery is required. Often even conditions that have progressed to these levels can be dramatically improved or even eliminated altogether. As the body starts returning to a healthier state, it is common to have your doctor prescribe lower dosages of medication for chronic conditions, or even eliminate the need to medicate at all.

This ancient practice was used to increase vitality, longevity, and create an over-all feeling of well being. As one continues to practice CNT, one becomes progressively more attuned to what is happening in the body. As proficiency in practice increases, one becomes stronger and healthier.

Healing is a personal choice. Like other ancient and proven modalities of healing, CNT offers us, through its applied wisdom, the mechanisms to locate personal patterns of tensions, to release these blockages and restore our life to its wholeness. CNT is of great benefit to anyone interested in taking active part in their own health. It is easily integrated and enhances any existing bodywork practice. Many have reported significant results in digestive and gall bladder disorders, IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s didease, drug and liver toxicity, breathing problems, high/low blood pressure, hiatal hernias, fibroids, menstrual cramp, endometriosis, infertility, and myofascial and chronic pain disorders. CNT addresses the whole body bringing it in the direction of balance.

Andrew Clauer is the director of the Chi Nei Tsang center. He is a certified Instructor who has been lecturing and teaching classes nationwide. His way of teaching is one of gentleness, clarity and first-hand experience. To learn more about Chi Nei Tsang and upcoming classes, please visit www.cntcenter.com or call 262-692-2573

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