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Are you a Cultural Creative?

Are you a Cultural Creative?


  • love of nature and deep caring about its destruction

  • strong awareness of the planet-wide issues (i.e. global warming, poverty, overpopulation, etc.) and a desire to see more action on them

  • willingness to pay higher taxes or spend more money for goods if that money went to improving the environment

  • heavy emphasis on the importance of developing and maintaining relationships

  • heavy emphasis on the importance of helping others and developing their unique gifts

  • volunteer with one or more good causes

  • intense interest in spiritual and psychological development

  • see spirituality as an importance aspect of life but worry about religious fundamentalism

  • desire more equity for women in business, life and politics

  • concern for the violence and abuse against women and children

  • want politics and government to spend more money on education, community programs and the support of a more ecologically sustainable future

  • are unhappy with the left and right in politics

  • optimism towards the future

  • want to be involved in creating a new and better way of life

  • are concerned with big business and the means they use to generate profits, including destroying the environment and exploiting poorer countries

  • unlikely to overspend or be in heavy debt

  • dislike modern cultures emphasis on making it and success, on consuming and making money

  • like people, places and things that are different or exotic

In Business:

  • high need for achievement

  • high need for independence

  • low need for conformity

  • internal locus of control

  • love of ambiguity

  • propensity for risk-taking

  • obsession with opportunity

But while entrepreneurs use their business for monetary gain, innerpreneurs use their business to find personal fulfillment (creatively, spiritually, emotionally) and create social change.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

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