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Adam “Dreamhealer”

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DreamHealer Workshop Portland, Oregon April 29, 2007

Adam “DreamHealer”

Adam, international speaker and author of DreamHealer, The Emerging DreamHealer and The Path of the DreamHealer, is a gifted young energy healer who shows us the interconnectedness to our energy systems in order to prepare us to embrace the healing power within. Through his Native American heritage, he has been a healer at Traditional Healing Gatherings and he has experienced Shamanic Healing, Qigong, Reiki and many other healing modalities.

Using practical applications for self-empowerment, he explains that healing is a choice, and we need to take responsibility for our own health, so that we can access our own ability as healers. The conference includes 2 group healing sessions where Adam orchestrates merging the auras of all participants to resonate at the same coherent frequency. This prepares all in attendance to accept the healing energy. In order to receive the maximum benefit from your experience of the group treatments, it is highly recommended that you read Adam's books prior to the workshop.

Where: Doubletree Hotel, Lloyd Center, Portland, OR Registration: Go to www.dreamhealer.com. Cost for the workshop: $119 U.S. Hotel reservations: Call the Doubletree Hotel at1-503-281-6111. Request “DreamHealer” block rate for accommodation.

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