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Tantra & Sacred Sexuality – Karyn Armstrong

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality - Karyn Armstrong

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

Karyn Armstrong Shamanic Practitioner Certified Tantra Educator

Divine love expressed through sexuality has the great potential to be more fulfilling then what most of us have experienced. The secret to unlocking the magic we all possess is sourced from a place of stillness between two people who have allowed themselves to relax deeply enough that they are no longer trying to go anywhere or achieve anything.

The great relief of letting go of goals opens a space in a sacred union to realize there really is nothing to gain or to lose. Love can be experienced as a free and holy expression of our divine essence when expressed through our hearts. And sex is then but one glorious expression of that love. This is the place that I share sacred sexuality and tantric spiritual practices with you. Learn to completely relax into yourself and to trust yourself as you are.

Benefits: • Increased intimacy for couples • Heal past sexual wounds • Remove old beliefs around your sexuality • Erotic expansion for women • Focused presence for men • Allows more love into your life • Gain more clarity • Generate more creativity • Feel empowered • Access your inner guidance and wisdom

Karyn Armstrong 503.525.2521 [email protected] www.shamanictantra.com

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