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Karen Banfield – Books and Music

Karen Banfield - Books and Music

Books and Music

YP Yorkshire-Press offering meditation audio and books for the spiritual mind.

Audio Course: Your Intuitive Voice Sharing a lifetime of highly engaging personal and practical wisdom, Karen Banfield takes you deep inside the sanctuary of your own knowing, where extra-ordinary reality becomes both attainable and common place. You’ll learn to build a bridge between your inner voice and the realm of spirit, embrace self-empowerment and self-care, release cultural misconceptions and stand strong within the values of love and integrity.  These teachings are indispensable for exploring the gifts of one’s inherent wisdom. 

Wolf Medicine: One woman’s journey into Hell’s Canyon and into a healing of the heart This Alice in Wonderland adventure descends into Hell’s Canyon and into caverns of the narrator’s past, as Karen agrees to vacation in the wilderness with War Eagle and his sons—all men from the Wolf Clan of the Cherokee Nation. In an environment of spectacular beauty, she finds her world challenged, enlarged and ultimately transformed. In the canyon, and later in a simple life with War Eagle, she is able to reclaim her power. Through his life and death she encounters the most wounded places in her heart and the most genuine part of herself.

Visit www.karenbanfield.com or www.yorkshire-press.com  for audio clips, sample chapters and healing services. We welcome comments on our Yorkshire-Press Reader’s Choice blog.

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