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Baraka Institiute

Baraka Institiute


Baraka Institute provides life & leadership coach trainings & life, lifestyle and business coaching services using cutting-edge human technology for personal, professional and organizational development using a whole systems approach. The tools employed in these programs integrate the creative power of the mind with the grounded wisdom of the body to expand human potential and manifest lasting change and growth.

Coaching skills are key to:

  • Developing personal excellence and flexibility in communication and leadership

  • Reducing or eliminating self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors

  • Becoming more effective and productive at work, at home, and with your own clients

  • Helping others take action and become invested in their own outcomes

  • Creating desirable relationships and understanding human nature

  • Bringing motivation and accountability into the workplace

  • Removing obstacles from realizing the money and love you seek in your life!

Participants include anyone who wants to:

  • become a certified coach

  • add coaching skills into their current practice

  • possess coach-like managerial skills

  • improve their communication and success in life and help others to do the same

We offer free consultations & seminars check our website to learn more!

www.BarakaInstitute.com 888.660.5588 [email protected]

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