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Alexander Technique – Julie Brundage

Alexander Technique - Julie Brundage The Alexander Technique

Julie Brundage AmSAT Certified Teacher

What is the Alexander Technique The Alexander Technique is a process for learning to change stressful patterns which limit your functioning and cause you pain. FM Alexander developed the technique at the turn of the century in response to his recurring voice problems.

Who can benefit? Those suffering from • Chronic pain conditions; back, neck, joints • Headaches • Tension, stress anxiety • Posture and spinal problems • Rehabilitation needs; post-operative, trauma, auto accident

Those in physically demanding and mentally stressful occupations, including: • Actors, architects, athletes, computer operators, dentists, long distance drivers, massage therapists, musicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psycho-therapists, singers, surgeons, teachers, typists, word processors and others…

Those interested in self improvement • Development of potential and creativity

What will a lesson be like? Using a combination of hands-on work and verbal instruction, a teacher guides you through a range of everyday activities–walking, bending, sitting, breathing and talking. During this process you become aware of inefficient patterns. Together you explore alternatives which do not involve habitual tension, collapse, imbalance and excess effort. Your occupation-related movements such as playing an instrument, singing, public speaking or using a computer or specific tools are also included.

An Alexander lesson is never painful; the teacher’s hands are always gentle. By the end of your first lesson you feel physically more comfortable and mentally relaxed.

The Alexander Technique (503) 891-6846 [email protected] www.atstudioportland.com 8500 SE 17th, Suite B, Portland, OR 97202

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