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Counseling/Therapy – Salem – Sally Brunell

Counseling/Therapy - Salem - Sally Brunell


Your body is a memory bank and thoughts and emotions are stored in cellular memory in the physical body. An NDT session uses Applied and Behavioral Kinesiology with its own unique procedure, and consists of three parts: 1) Identifying, then clearing, barriers that obstruct one's ability to access accurate information. 2) Detail specific moments in one's life when a traumatic experience led to hopelessness and despair and a diminished will to live. 3) Consciously recognize and clear the negative emotions around the experience, thereby re-coding the cellular memory. This new decision to release stored, toxic anger and grief enables one to be fully alive.

Sally uses New Decision Therapy™, Holographic Repatterning, Neuro-Emotional Repatterning and therapies involving eye movement, in her work.

SALLY BRUNELL, M.S., COUNSELOR Salem & Wilsonville offices 503.390.2201 [email protected]

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