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Spiritual Training – Statewide – Elle Collier

Spiritual Training - Statewide - Elle Collier Spiritual Training

There is a gateway that leads into the sacred core and the spiritual physics of Being. To find this gateway takes an enormous will to move beyond where the fear patterns and prejudices, the search for comfort and the familiar, have created us in their image.

This is a powerful spiritual practice, providing keys to the ancient principles of non-dualism and the path to soul release.

"Thank you. Thank you. Your work is amazing and huge." JL, New York

ELLE COLLIER RE is an awakened mystic shaman whose capacity to touch the pure core of reality enables one's steps to be put straight onto the Path. The authenticity and power of her gifts have touched people worldwide for nearly 25 years.

Information about personal sessions (in-person or by phone), intensives, regular group evenings and workshops:

541-330-6649 PO Box 7465, Bend, OR 97708 www.inei-re.org

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