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Healers of Conflict, Portland

Healers of Conflict, Portland Counseling/Therapy

Healers of Conflicts Conscious growth in relationships, parenting and divorce

At Healers of Conflicts, we work with: * Divorcing couples who seek a peaceful and transformative alternative to the emotional and financial harm of a divorce war * Divorced and divorcing parents who need a harmonious co-parenting relationship to nurture their children * Parents and children—particularly challenges between parents and teenagers * Committed couples who wish to explore conscious relationship and improve the quality of their relationship * Couples contemplating marriage who wish to prevent divorce by creating conscious pre-marital agreements

Conflict is a natural part of life. Two plants compete for a few square inches of soil. We both want to sit in this chair. Two parents love each other - and they don’t see eye-to-eye about what’s best for their children. A teenager rebels against her parents.

We can have the same old arguments again and again, with no resolution in sight, and feel the pain as the distance grows between us. We can avoid the conflict—creating distance, separation, and no solution. Or we can honor conflict and learn how to resolve it with new skills that can last a lifetime.

At Healers of Conflicts, we believe that every conflict is an opportunity for transformation. Through honoring conflict, we can grow in ways that we couldn’t as solitary beings. Relationships and the natural conflicts that result are the path for personal growth, deep inner healing and transforming our lives.

Kim Wright, J.D. and Marty Price, J.D., Healers of Conflicts, are international leaders in the movement to transform the law to focus on peace-making, problem-solving and healing conflicts.

We can help you address relationship conflicts, heal the pain, and create a new and hopeful future. Call us at 503-255-8677 for an appointment.

Contact us to discuss how we may be of assistance to you. [email protected] 503-255-8677 www.healersofconflicts.com

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