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Energy Work – Salem – Toni Gilbert

Energy Work - Salem - Toni Gilbert Health Care Practitioner

Wellness Counseling

The Healing Arts: Therapies for Living Your Life More Fully You do not need to be ill to benefit from healing arts: Guided Imagery, Therapeutic Touch, Meditation, Tarot Counseling and Interpretive Dreamwork all contribute to what is known as Mind-Body Consciousness. These techniques, as well as other tools I offer are useful to anyone interested in achieving satisfaction through personal growth or self-actualization.

Using Mind-Body Consciousness The mind-body approach in medicine has been proven successful in helping individuals with stress-related symptoms of chronic illness better manage their conditions. It makes use of the body’s natural healing potential and enables clients to positively change their lifestyle and gain an awareness that behaviors and attitudes, especially as they trigger stress, can affect health and well-being.

My clients commonly report: • Greater self-acceptance • Decrease in anxiety • Freedom from compulsive worrying, self- criticism and negative thoughts • Increase in concentration and awareness • Improved sleep • Decrease in stress-related physical symptoms • Enhanced performance and efficiency

As clients regularly practice the relaxation response and other mind-body techniques, their symptoms and quality of life improve. They generally begin to describe themselves as more peaceful, energetic, self-accepting, and happier. Less preoccupied with the past and the future, they learn to enjoy the present moment more fully.

Toni Gilbert, RN, MA, HNC P.O. Box 1010 Jefferson, Oregon 97352 541.327.7749 [email protected] www.tonigilbert.com

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