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Trina LeBrasseur – Portland – Watsu

Trina LeBrasseur - Portland - Watsu


TWave Watsu® and Aquatic Bodywork

Watsu is, at its simplest level, a floating massage. Feel your body go beyond most forms of bodywork as your joints and muscles are mobilized, stretched, dynamically massaged, and energy pathways opened. You are supported in my arms, surrounded by 94 degree water. You are relaxing so deeply in this warm blue softness, you find yourself with the opportunity to go to the essence of your being - experience the bliss of stillness in your soul, your spirit, the real you.

Watsu can help treat conditions such as stress, back pain, arthritis, trauma, bereavement, fibromyalgia and many more. See how Watsu can become the most relaxing and therapeutic experience of your life.

Trina LeBrasseur is an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Watsu Practitioner. She has studied directly with Harold Dull, creator of Watsu® at Harbin Hot Springs. She is devoted to the nurturing heart space that Watsu creates in her life, and has made it her spiritual quest to bless others with the gift of the water dance.

To schedule an appointment, please call (503)310-0572 TWave Watsu® and Aquatic Bodywork www.twaves.org

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