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Dave Markowitz – Channel of Source Energy and Information

Dave Markowitz - Channel of Source Energy and Information

Spiritual Growth and Healing

Dave Markowitz Channel of Source Energy and Information

• Awareness, Clarity, & Peace of Mind • Permanent Healing at the Causal Level • Life Direction, Soul Purpose, and Abundance Training

You’ve been promised health, wealth, and romance before. Maybe you’re a workshop junkie or read 1,000 books—and you’re still not happy. Want to know why?

If information was all it took, you’d be enlightened already—or at least doing your dream vocation in perfect health and with the ideal partner. The two most important factors in moving forward are consistency and support. And now these are available in a unique group format at a fraction of the cost of anything you’ve ever done. You’ll learn to live in total alignment of your true self, shed blocks to abundance, and open your heart quicker and at a deeper level for permanent transformation. And isn’t that what you really want?

Dave has been guiding people for over a decade and the results have been extraordinary. He’s lectured with Deepak Chopra, been written about on ABCNews.Com, and had his own call-in talk show. His weekly Power Groups feature presence, connectedness, and edutainment and keep you attentive, open, and at your best. Call/write today!

www.DaveMarkowitz.com 2426 NE Broadway, Portland 503.299.4788

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