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Counseling/Therapy – Portland – Linda Meretsky

Counseling/Therapy - Portland - Linda Meretsky Counseling/Therapy

Linda Meretsky Certified Hakomi Therapist

My work is an integration of the emotional, biological, psychological and social processes. I facilitate individuals, couples and groups in the resolution of trauma, life transitions, relationships, anxiety, depression and stress. I start from where you are, seeing you in relation to your whole picture: nature, nurture, genetics, environment, brain physiology and character.

Using Hakomi, a mindfulness based therapy, psychological patterns and behaviors are mapped in the body. Core beliefs that determine the organization of one’s experience are challenged.

As an adjunct, I use Somatic Experiencing® to address various areas of trauma that are then renegotiated and resolved.

I incorporate body centered therapies into mainstream psychologies like self psychology, object relations and trauma theory to integrate mind and body, melding the best of both worlds.

LINDA S. MERETSKY (503) 452-6796 [email protected]

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