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Channeling – Portland – Lisa Oswald

Channeling - Portland - Lisa Oswald Awake Channeling

Lisa Oswald

Live Your Light With Purpose Workspace

Pleiadian Great Light Channel is a Being of Light who transmits and moves Universal Light so that you can Notice your own unique Light. This loving and grounding Workspace helps you Come Home to yourself and unfolds your ability for you to say who it is that you came here to be.

In this nurturing shower of light and energy, you gift to yourself a special “Going Home Work” project that allows you to continue to explore and discover a deeper sense of your own heart, mind and personality choices. To Notice your journey encourages courage, trust, willingness, discernment, autonomy and love. You create your livable light-filled Workspace while growing your life in Purpose.

Living Your Light Workspace meetings are held each week and average about 2 hours in length. This Work is for individuals, groups and couples, 18 years and up and is a lively exchange of uplifting information, light, energy and self-revelation!

Contact Lisa Oswald, Ashland, Oregon.

541-482-2018 www.PleiadianGreatLightChannel.com

[email protected]

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