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Hypnotherapy – Portland – Lexi Parrott, MHP

Hypnotherapy - Portland - Lexi Parrott, MHP


Transformational Hypnotherapy is an effective and life-changing tool that empowers you to be an agent of change in the realm of your unconscious mind. By tapping into this natural state of relaxation, which holds the memories and emotions of all your past experience, we can focus on those unresolved early memories that often create a faulty belief system, distorted self image and the behaviors that continue to create problems and frustration in your life. In this deepened but alert state, we bring your adult awareness, current perceptions and compassion to reexamine and heal those memories that block you from creating the life you want. Most importantly, with old patterns released, your inner mind is now highly receptive to embracing and acting upon your affirmations and vision for positive change. Moreover, hypnosis is safe. In every moment of the process you have choice, control and enhanced discrimination to approach the work at your own pace and comfort level.

  • enhance self image

  • achieve weight mastery

  • release old pain, phobias and fears

  • accelerate physical healing

  • clear sexual and emotional abuse

  • improve intuition, access spiritual guidance

  • discover past lives

  • clear negative energies and attachments

  • release addictions

Lexi Parrott, MPH, CHT is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified through ACHE. She has a Masters in Public Health through UC Berkeley. For consultation or an appointment, call (503)287-4286.


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