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Bodywork and Massage with Arthur Peters

Bodywork and Massage with Arthur Peters Bodywork & Massage

People are dynamic beings, ever changing and evolving. Our powerful mind keeps us busy contemplating the past and projecting into the future We live in the illusion of consistency. In a safe space for relaxation and therapeutic massage, the realm of possibility is revealed. The mind can relax in the present moment, within the peacefulness of what “is” and the healing process may begin.

My massage practice draws on my training in Caring Touch, Reiki, Breath Work, Swedish, Reflexology and Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy to provide a deep therapeutic treatment specific to your needs. Whether you live in Salem, Independence or Monmouth, I am ready to help you in one of my offices.

To order a gift certificate or schedule an appointment call: Arthur Peters, LMT (#10945) Art of Massage, LLC (503) 269-4787

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