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Counseling/Therapy – Portland – Amelia Sahentara

Counseling/Therapy - Portland - Amelia Sahentara


Do you want to - ?

  • be emotionally and physically healed
  • release creative blocks
  • know your true work
  • resolve inner conflicts
  • improve relationships
  • find inner peace
  • see how you create your circumstances
  • feel connected to your soul

Your dreams are answering your questions, affirming your purpose and offering physical and emotional healing every night. Learning to interpret your dreams may be the best investment in your health and personal growth you've ever made. "Dreams are extremely enlightening. The work is deep and it gets deeper as you go. My dreams helped me improve a very difficult relationship, which I learned to understand was part of myself. Through analyzing my dreams, I saw the whole picture and was able to change. Amelia's enthusiasm is infectious and her classes are fun even though this is serious stuff." - Barbara Hoffman, Wheeler, OR

Northwest Dream Circles workshops * classes individual sessions * phone sessions

AMELIA SAHENTARA, M.A. (Ph.D. candidate, Psychology) 503.356.0299

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