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Counseling/Therapy – Portland – Lesley Skoloff

Counseling/Therapy - Portland - Lesley Skoloff


Lesley Skoloff, MA,

Expressive Therapist, Orgone Therapist, Reiki Master

• individuals, groups, couples, families • verbal therapy & art therapies for children • Reiki circles, classes, certification

This holistic mind-body therapy addresses your emotional, mental, physical, and energetic states. Throughout life, blocking of feelings develops in reaction to emotionally or physically painful experiences, manifesting in all aspects of your life. This therapy allows for previously bound energy to flow more freely, leading to healthier functioning.

Emotional issues are alleviated and resolved through: • verbal discussion • breath work • muscular manipulation • bodily expression of feelings • recognition/lessening of chronic patterns in beliefs, attitudes, interpersonal behavior, breathing style and pattern of muscular tensions

Benefits: • resolve emotional and physical issues • access/release emotions • alleviate and eliminate physical pain/muscle tension/illness • elevate self-esteem • improve interpersonal relationships

Reiki and various forms of healing touch are also available to help resolve physical and emotional issues. I specialize in pain relief. During sessions, information is received through intuition, clairvoyance and spiritual guidance.

Lesley Skoloff, MA Portland, OR 503.760.2407


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