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Grief Ritual

This weekend Sobonfu will share one of the most important rituals of her people. The Grief Ritual is a soul-cleansing rite that can clear away lingering clouds and festering wounds from abandonment, divorce, death and the loss of dreams. This ritual can help release grief, lighten your soul, let your true spirit be heard and help you become more balanced.

Sobonfu is a daughter of the Dagara tribal community. Dagara rituals are about healing, acknowledgment of people and their gifts, and making spirit tangible by preparing mind, body and soul to receive the spirituality that is all around us. With regular use of ritual, we find our way back to wholeness, peace and acceptance of self and others. As the ritual is quite rigorous, coming a day early or staying over a day after the workshop is encouraged.

Sobonfu Somé brings a message of profound significance and practical application to our lives. Sobonfu (whose name means “Keeper of Rituals”) was educated in ritual from birth. She teaches and leads rituals throughout North America, Asia and Europe and has published three books: Spirit of Intimacy, Welcoming Spirit Home and Falling Out of Grace. She is involved in ongoing projects in the Dagara Villages of West Africa.

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