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Life Coach – Angel True

Life Coach - Angel True

Life Coach

Angel True: Life Alignment Coaching, Intimacy, Relationship, Focused Purpose “Balancing passion, purpose and relationship for an abundant life!”

Life Alignment Coaching brings your life into balance through... • Aligning job/career with personal values • Building stronger friendships/community • Longer more stable relationships • Accomplishing life goals sooner • Building more energy and happiness • Bringing clarity/focused purpose to choices

Life Alignment Coaching is ideal for people working on: • Career/Lifestyle changes • Relationship improvements/changes • Personal growth issues or improvements • And more!

Practice of Life Alignment Connect • deepen relationships Explore • discover new opportunities Grow • enroll in transformation Expand • extend the fullness of your life Embody • engage mind, body, spirit and heart

Angel True True Living with Authentic Intention 971-645-4581 [email protected] www.authenticintention.com Telephone coaching means location is unimportant!

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