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Donna Williams – Portland – Energy Work & Body/Mind Therapies

Donna Williams - Portland - Energy Work & Body/Mind Therapies

Energy Work & Body/Mind Therapies

Aura-Soma The light, the color, the living, moving energies of the being incarnate.We are all affected by color, consciously and unconsciously. Discover how much fun it can be to relax and let colors and aromas have their way with you,use an assortment of Aura-Soma products, consisting of essential oils, pure herb and plant essenses with gem and crystal vibrations.

Want To Find Out Who You Really Are? Aura-Soma is the only therapy currently available today in which you provide your own analysis through the colors you choose. You also choose your own remedy. A consultation interprets the colors you chose, using the universal language of color.

Donna L. Williams AURA-SOMA CONSULTANT/REIKI MASTER 503.629.5739


Aura-Soma consultations are available at Village at Crystal Heart evenings & weekends by appointment. Will travel to your location for groups. Call for more information or an appointment.

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