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Counseling/Therapy – Portland – Hannah Zavi LPC

Counseling/Therapy - Portland - Hannah Zavi LPC


I practice several alternative psychotherapies which can help heal depression, anxiety, addictions, weight concerns, and creativity blocks, and which may help with chronic illness/ physical symptoms.

Energy Psychology Uses energetic and shamanic interventions to clear stuck patterns, limiting core beliefs, cell memories originating in current, past, between, and ancestral lifetimes.

Rapid Eye Therapy Simulates REM sleep to remove stress, trauma, dysfunctional beliefs from neural pathways. The full 12-session program includes regressions through birth and child stages, physiologically clearing and reframing unwanted patterns.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Combines hypnotherapy with gestalt and Reichian techniques to clear stress and trauma, through emotional expression and cognitive reframing.

Past and Between Life Regression Hypnotherapy Helps clients to find within themselves psychic and spiritual levels of perception and wisdom.

Free Consultation Insurance Welcome

HANNAH ZAIV, MA Licensed Professional Counselor Master Rapid Eye Technician Certified Hypnotherapist

6124 S.E. Milwaukie Ave. 503.659.9384


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