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Palmistry – Portland – Leslie Zemenek

Palmistry - Portland - Leslie Zemenek Palmistry

Palm Reading by Leslie Zemenek

Palmistry is the most accurate, accessible and powerful tool for self-discovery in the world today. The lines in your hand are an ever changing map of your thoughts, beliefs, challenges, strengths, talents and experiences, all recorded and written by your nervous system. In addition, your fingerprints, which never change during the course of your entire life, contain the secret to decoding your life's mission.

Like a snowflake, every hand is unique, a mirror of your individuality. Having a palm reading opens the way to self knowledge and provides an "Owner's Manual" for your life that can help you to make conscious and empowered decisions about your career, your relationships and your creative expression.

Leslie Zemenek counsels individuals on Life Purpose and teaches workshops in Palmistry, Tarot, Sacred Geometry, and Creativity. Featured in Entertainment Weekly magazine she has also appeared on Fox KPTV's morning show, Good Day Oregon. Leslie can help you identify karmic past life patterns in your palms and your astrological chart. An ordained minister, she has spent many years studying archetypal mythology, Qabala, the mind-body connection and the mystical traditions of various cultures.

Palmistry, Astrology, Life Purpose, Karma, Past Life Readings

LESLIE ZEMENEK 503.234.7643 www.astropalmistry.com

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