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Starry Eyed

Starry Eyed by Spyrit

The whole of solar Scorpio (particularly the October full moon) will be a lucid dream that could leave welts and scars. No matter how weird it gets, it’s only a dream…your dream.

Natural timing is the only time there is. I think our clocks are going to really get a reset soon, and I don’t mean daylight savings to standard. Autumn is when things are reaped and die, it’s winter that buries and bakes.

It’s the autumn cycle and we can’t neglect to take a look at the field to see what is out there. Without lamenting unplanted or neglected crops, we must reap or have it heaped upon us. Autumn is the most dramatic cycle of change.

This fall, the new moons run with the sun through Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. For the symbologists among us, that’s harmony/partnership/peace leading to death/rebirth/transforma-tion, thence to freedom/expansiveness/journeying. These new moons all fall in the middle of their respective signs, i.e. the sun has already spent half of its time in the sign before the new moon arrives. The full moons—Aries, Taurus, and Gemini—all occur in the beginning of their signs, meaning that the sun will have only just entered the sign before it gets the full moon boom!! I don’t know how all this sounds to you, but I like to look at the cosmic picture before getting into the analysis.

For you Saturn return folks (ages approximately 28, 56, 84, 112, you know who you are), I know it seems impossible that this could all be happening to you. I have witnessed first-hand some amazing dramas and my hat’s off to all of you. From the sidelines, it’s wildly entertaining. But seriously, prepare. The whole of solar Scorpio (particularly the October full moon) will be a lucid dream that could leave welts and scars. No matter how weird it gets, it’s only a dream…your dream. There should be Saturn return support groups, all the ages of Saturn returns get together and “share.” That would be a wild dinner party!

Saturn and Jupiter are pushing and pulling in Taurus, sign of resources and needs, opposite Scorpio, the land of desires. Whether you believe in the wisdom gifts of astrology or not, can you heed this nudge towards unifying your “needs” and your “desires?” Imagine the day when advertising fails to fan the flames of desire and backfires on the ad folk! Hear us all chant in unison, “No we don’t need an interactive, glow-in-the-dark, antioxidant enhancing beanie baby, even if we can buy it online!” We can only hope for the day. If astrology can further this noble end, it will have contributed more to the qualitative existence of humanity than all the scientific research into nuclear physics ever did.

I was going to avoid the Y2whatever thing since there is an issue of the mag left before the new year. As I said in summer’s issue, the chart isn’t that spectacular compared to the eclipse in August (did you feel it?!), or the upcoming Stellium (CALLING ALL PLANETS) in Taurus next May (condolences again to all Saturn returnee’s). Honestly, I was bored with theY2K tedium by last February. Don’t get me wrong, I think we could make a great thing out of it . . . I’m planning the last and greatest slumber party of the millennium. Stockpiling board (bored?) games, vegan s’more supplies, and popcorn. My counsel is, look forward to it! Use it as a much needed social adjustment even if it was just a big ruse. Those of you that hit the jackpot with hightech stocks, take your winnings in rice and feel good about it. But take note: November full moon would be a sell-by date for your broker. Those that didn’t? Grab ahold of that new age voodoo idiom: ‘always feel there is plenty and there will be.’

T’is the season of gratitude, even if you feel personally tor-tured by the powers that be. Forgiving ourselves, feeling grateful, and then getting on with it is the chore for this last harvest cycle of the millennium. I’m constantly in awe of how powerful these feelings are—just start thinking grateful and forgiving and it sinks in and takes root. We have made quite a mess of the house with this industry/info age. It’s time to clean up. Did we really burn the Amazon to have the whopper? Walking our talk starts with hearing what we’re saying. Hope it starts with ‘I forgive you’ and it’s playing in a mirror near you soon.

Stephen is a writer, performer and student of astrology. He recently released his latest, a Book/CD project “Love Poems for the Millennium.”

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