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Issue 16 – Winter 2000-2001

Issue 16 - Winter 2000-2001

cover art © Leo Wyman

Cover Art & Artist

"Mother Nature Snow" (acrylics on draped canvas)

by Leo Wayman

"One of the most well known of mythical figures is Mother Nature. The Mother of Life, she is responsible for meteorological and geological changes, as well as celestial and earthly beauty. In this painting I depicted Mother Nature in a partially nude, yet commanding posture. This is to give the viewer the ability to relate to the cold, and at the same time see the creative power of Nature's Mother in a snow serenity. The model I used for this painting was my wife."

Leo Wayman, painter & sculptor, paints in a studio in a 19th century building on the east shore of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. He is available for commissions both public and private, and welcomes visits to his studio. Call for an appointment at 503-267-4215.

Winter '01 Issue 16

Christina's House: Earthship and Straw Bale in Taos, New Mexico
By Becky Kemery

Fear, Intention & Gratitude: Facing a Cancer Diagnosis
By Linda Resca

It's My Happy Heart You See
By Colleen Watkins

Physicians' Perspective: Looking to the Future of Health Care in America
By Dr. Rick Bayer

My Father's Clouds: Classroom Charlatans
By John Borowski

Finding Your Question
By Carol Gray

Holism in the Classroom: A Transpersonal Approach "The Times They Are A-Changin' "
By Toni Gilbert

Dreams of Kindness, Love and Grace
By Carolyn Berry

Taking Refuge
By SarahJoy Marsh

A Contemplation on the Spirituality of Veganism
By Nephyr Jacobsen

On The Path
By Bob Czimbal

Leaving Home
By Ness Mountain

Touch Them All
By Marie Levering

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