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Issue 21 – Spring 2002

Issue 21 - Spring 2002

“Character” (oil on wood, 6”X9”, 2001) by Jazz Minh Claire Moore

“ 'What are your feelings compared to eternity, to humanity?! They are the fart of a mosquito!' George exploded during a conversation with a sensitive Jewish man over tea one day. He despises clubs of any kind, and challenges anyone who subscribes to any set ideological system. George is a seventy year old Swiss man I met in Adamant, Vermont, population 25, where I was an artist in resident for a small piano college. I knew George and I would be great friends when my caretaker, shaking his head, spoke of this eccentric old man who delighted in offending everyone he met. I immediately asked George over for afternoon tea. Over triscuits and homemade rhubarb jam, George and I began a series of conversations that lasted the three months of my residency. We conversed about history and the future, hypothesizing on the nature of love, and all things important. I would sketch him as we talked. This is a small painting I finished during one of these sessions.”

This is the fourth Alternatives front cover by Jazz Minh Moore, a 23 year old artist from the west coast, USA. She is currently visiting the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, taking a yoga teachers training course.

Spring '02 Issue 21

On The Necessity of Art
By Cathy McGuire

Medical Establishment Abandons Patients and Ethics: Is There A Doctor (or Nurse) In The House?
By Ed Glick

Brice Creek- Waterfalls, Wildflowers & BIG TREES
By George Sexton

Glory & Turbulence-The Mystery & Cancer
By SarahJoy Marsh

Dreams of Kindness, Love & Grace
By Carolyn Berry

Tantra and Relationship
By Lokita Carter

Dream Weaving
ReDreaming the Dream of Your Life

By David Lang

Leaving Home: For The Survivors
By Ness Mountain

A Holistic Route to Healthy Finances
A Roadmap Out of Debt Hell

By Miriam Green

My Father’s Clouds:
No Flags Wave For Them

By John Borowski

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