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To My People – An Anthem to Celebration by Stacey Anne Murphy

To My People - An Anthem to Celebration by Stacey Anne Murphy

To My People - An Anthem to Celebration by Stacey Anne Murphy

To my people, flamboyant belly laughers who dare to envision their lives and make it so. Who shape their paradigms to embody their dreams, living life fully, with calculated abandon.

To my people, bright, colorful, smiling, generous with their time, their possessions, their spirits.

To my people, camping at timber sales, marching through the city streets, harnessing the internet for human rights, educational funding, political reform, WORLD PEACE.

To my people, who bring creativity to every task, contemplating, collaborating, constructing objects simultaneously functional and beautiful.

To my people, singing, dancing, painting, writing, weaving, constructing- words, structures, music. To my people, who raise their children in love and celebration. Extended families of friends. Breast feeding mamas who birth their babies at home, and nurture them with pure foods, non-commercial toys, home-grown entertainments.

To my people, who walk gently on this planet, building shelters of cob, strawbale, salvaged wood. Growing food in the compost of their kitchen scraps. Powering their shelters with wind and sun.

To my people, kitchens delighting the senses, bowls filled with the nourishment of love, meals starting with silent grace or song, tables spread with laughter and stories, and guests who wash the dishes when the plates are scraped clean.

To my people, who surround each other in passionate conversations, parables of life and living, hands reaching out in comfort, arms in embrace, fingers rubbing away hurt, tears transforming into laughter.

To my people, who dream of a saner world and make it so, please grow, and grow, and grow.

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