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Winter Solstice Blessing by Stacy Anne Murphy

Winter Solstice Blessing by Stacy Anne Murphy

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Winter Solstice Blessing by Stacy Anne Murphy

The Turning Wheel - Astrology for rEvolutionaries Winter, 2007/08 by Rhea Wolf

Life Advice from Catherine Ingram

Winter Solstice Blessing by Stacy Anne Murphy

Shed away your tired old coats my darlings. Shed the tears that tear you from within. Like a snake who has outgrown her skin, writhe and scrape until the dull old scales fall away.

Slough off the remnants of your worn-out self. Peel away the layers that no longer suit you, that constrict you, so a shiny, smooth, lissome you emerges.

Glide effortlessly into the new year adaptable, flexible, amenable, joyful.

Enter your new beginning with grace, warm, bright, glistening, grace.

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