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MetaPhysics and “Money – Money – Money” by Don Clarkson

MetaPhysics and Money – Money – Money by Don Clarkson

MetaPhysics and Money – Money – Money by Don Clarkson

“It’s the economy, stupid!” Bill Clinton once intoned this principle as the central theme of his presidential bid. Now everybody’s intoning it. I see it in my psychic practice, where most clients are asking for help with money. So let’s talk about money from the point of view of the illusive realm of metaphysics.

Let’s begin with the ancient metaphysical concept that money is not a thing, it’s energy, used as a means of exchange. We can actually observe the truth of this because most of us don’t use money anymore in the form of coins and bills. ‘Money’ transactions are mostly done electronically now using energy, quite literally. So money is more of a concept than a thing that can be hoarded and counted.

But if it’s just energy, why do we all get so frightened about it? The answer is simple: it’s because we ascribe all our survival fears to it. Humans are afraid of loss, lack, deprivation. Having attached all of these to money, it’s no wonder we worry about it.

With that in mind, imagine being in a culture that did away with all money. You’d still have your fears of loss, and no doubt you would attach such fears to something else. So it really isn’t the money after all, but the fear that we need to deal with.

From a metaphysics perspective, our fears have been concentrated down into our subconscious where they grow and fester until they explode into the conscious realm in the form of an ailment or psychic discomfort. Thus the subconscious is where we must go to deal with the fears.

Several known and proven systems are available to work with your subconscious on fear issues. First, there is the power of visualization, a practice that I personally have a strong belief in (for a refresher, visit the Coaching Tools page at my website: www.donclarkson.com). There is also the simple and effective tool of making a collage of pictures showing where you would like to be in terms of what money could do for you. Finally, there is that old standby that works for many—prayer. All of these practices work if you do the one thing common to them all: focus on the end picture. Do NOT focus on the money. The subconscious does not understand money as a concept, so having one piece of money is the same as having a million. What the subconscious does understand is what money can DO for you, so all systems that I know of suggest you decide what you want the money to do and visualize or pray for that. Some know it as the Law of Manifestation.

Another metaphysical solution may be to go outside yourself for help from a metaphysical practitioner. A psychic reading might just help you focus on the best course of action to take in this recession, saving lots of time and energy from going down dead end paths. Another way is to visit a shaman. This seemed pretty far out for me until I started to understand what the shamans could do with issues like money. I don’t pretend to understand how they work, but I know from first-hand experience, and that of dozens of my clients, that it can and does work. (If interested, check out the Referrals section of my website for a shaman near you.)

And finally, to raise the stakes of this discussion, consider this: if you are having economic troubles, perhaps your ordeal will become of great value to you. I have witnessed many people fret and fuss over their lack of money or proper work, until one day they wake up to the fact that they need to totally reevaluate their lives—and it was the money pressure that made them do that! Though initially unpleasant, in the long run they steered their lives into realms of success and joy they might never have discovered had everything gone smoothly.

In a recent interview, the singer Joni Mitchell described a particularly difficult period of her life; “When you throw out the demons the angels leave also.” The converse is also true. Joni went on to explain that only in her trials did new and creative answers come for her life. If she had not had the conflict or ‘demon’ she would never have gotten the ‘angel’ with the solutions.

Certainly none of us ask for financial problems, but if it comes to you, there are ways you can make it an angel of discovery that may bring you great joy and benefit.

Don Clarkson can be reached at: [email protected]

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