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Psychic Readings- Statewide – Lino Alelyunas

Psychic Readings- Statewide - Lino Alelyunas

Lino has been practicing professionally for over 20 years after extensive study with some of the greatest Mystics and Healers of our time. She offers Readings and Healings of depth and accuracy; covering such topics as Relationships, Career, Health, Spiritual Path and Life Direction. Lino has a variety of psychic skills: she can perceive auras and chakras, can see inside the body for physical diagnosis, is able to perceive future possibilities in all areas, can see your spiritual evolution and past-lives, receives messages from Spiritual Guides to facilitate your healing, and can do "remote viewing" (perceiving people who are not present). Lino offers CORRESPONDENT COURSES and WORKSHOPS on MEDITATION, CLAIR-VOYANCY DEVELOPMENT, MEDICAL INTUITION, PSYCHIC SURGERY and more. Call for a free brochure or to schedule an appointment.

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