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Psychic Readings – Portland – Patrick Beart

Psychic Readings - Portland - Patrick Beart

Psychic Readings

Patrick Béart is a clairsentient with strong shamanic energy, and a multi-dimensional clear energy channel. He is a “here-and-now” psychic who uses Tarot, psychometry, and energetic techniques (B.I.T.) to provide a comprehensive vision to others & an opportunity for shifting - enabling people to more actively move forward with their lives. Some examples include:

• Personal re-integration

• Role Modeling for Change

• Relationship or Dating issues

• Overcoming traumas

• Spiritual growth

“Bioelectric Integration Therapy” (B.I.T.) combines Reiki, Seichim/Sekhem, Pranic healing techniques, Tibetan Chi Kung healing techniques, Conscious Breathing, and “Empty Force” QiGong. It’s a potent blend of methodologies that initiates an energetic cascade which reverberates throughout the body for days afterward.

503-516-2540, anytime PO Box 14743 Portland, OR 97293-0743 


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