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Brian M Heater

Brian M Heater

Diet, Health and Nutrition

Start the Revolution Within! Discover the Secrets to Natural Health, Weight Loss & Well-Being

I finally discovered the simple steps to Vibrant Health & Well-Being.

With this discovery, I lost 83 lbs in less than 4 months and transformed my Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions.

With my easy to follow book & program, Start the Revolution Within, let me help you explore the power of change, put into practice simple steps of transformation, and guide you on your journey to health, happiness & well-being.

My personal changes have inspired me to help others and to share this information with you.

FREE Seminars, Online Articles & Helpful Resources.

www.TransformingOurselves.com Brian M Heater Author-Speaker-Life Coach

[email protected] 541-261-7238

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