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Health Care and Midwifery – Portland – Dr. Adeline Kell

Health Care and Midwifery - Portland - Dr. Adeline Kell Health Care Practitioners / Midwifery

A Better Choice LLC Natural Healthcare at Your Door

Tired of spending all day at the doctor’s office just to see the physician for ten minutes? Sick of treatments and medications that only address your symptoms and not the root of your illness? Then make A Better Choice, and begin your path to optimal health today!

A Better Choice offers personalized, holistic healthcare in the comfort of your own home. Trained as a naturopathic physician and a midwife, Dr. Kell treats the whole patient in every stage of life, from conception through the senior years. Her expertise includes, prenatal and postpartum care, homebirth midwifery, pediatrics, annual exams, treatment of acute illness, and management of chronic disease. Experienced in a wide range of natural modalities including homeopathy, botanical medicine, nutrition, hydrotherapy, bodywork, and lifestyle counseling; Dr. Kell is eager to help you achieve optimal health.

Make A Better Choice and call for an appointment today, and you will be on your way to a healthier life.

Dr. Adeline Kell Naturopathic Physician and Midwife 503.772.0084 Quality Care in Your Home

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