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Midwifery – Portland, Salem

Midwifery - Portland, Salem


"midwifery, the art of safeguarding the natural process of pregnancy, labor and birth"

Kate, Jesica, Sonya, Jennifer, Carrie, Esme

The midwives at Andaluz are all certified professional midwives licensed in Oregon.

They are very committed to natural birth. Collectively, all the midwives have attended over 2,000 births. There have been approximately 800 babies born at the Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Oregon since it was opened in June of 1999. Helping women and families through this transition in life is a passion for us! Because we believe that continuity of care is important, each client has 2 midwives that see her throughout her prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.

Jennifer Gallardo, CPM, LDM, is the founder and director of the Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Guatemala and in Tualatin, Oregon.

Sonya Horowitz , CPM, LDM Carrie Gaylord , CPM, LDM Kate Holloway , CPM, LDM Sonya Esme Gregg, CPM, LDM Jesica Dolin, CPM, LDM

Andaluz Waterbirth Center 19255 SW 65th Ave., Suite 220 Tualatin, OR 97062 503-885-0228

[email protected]


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