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M. Joy Young, MSW, ACSW

M. Joy Young, MSW, ACSW Counseling/Therapy

Lifestyle/Holistic Health Counselor Flower Essence Consultant

M. Joy Young, MSW, ACSW

Explore what’s keeping you from making sustainable health changes. Uncover and examine emotional patterns and self limiting thoughts about your physical body, good nutrition, food, health, and body image.

• Improve eating habits • Learn to let go of dieting forever • Reduce unhealthy cravings and emotional eating • Make better food choices

You can develop a new way of looking at food, introduce nutrient rich foods into your diet, incorporate sustainable physical activity to your lifestyle, and become a more conscious eater. Intuitive, practical, and down to earth - we tap into your intuitional wisdom, acceptance, and loving kindness, essentials that support sustainable lifestyle choices.

M. Joy Young Lifestyle Counseling (503) 309-1163 mjoyyoung.com

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