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Issue 19 – Fall 2001

Issue 19 - Fall 2001

“The Gatherers” (Oil on canvas) by Judith Giauque-Yahna

The single theme of my artwork of the past ten years has been the necessity of returning the “Sacred” to Nature and the Feminine Principle. I believe that the root cause of our social and environmental crisis is the systematic desecration of Nature and the feminine by a patriarchal (dominator) paradigm. Unbalanced, the masculine principle has waged war on womens bodies, the human spirit and the planet itself. Archetypal figures which confide both the methods and the rewards of healing this imbalance have appeared, one by one, to be painted. These images reveal themselves as aspects of the empowered divine feminine. They portray the qualities inherent in all human beings; creativity, generativity, ecstatic joy, relationship and unconditional love.

“The Gatherers”, eighth in a series titled The Verdant Ones, are themselves the lush, abundant harvest, the “green” fruits that grow from our labor of healing. They illustrate the redemptive evolution possible as we once again honor the sacred in Nature; as we are able to make harmonious the cosmic dance of masculine and feminine energies.

Contact Judith at Squared Circle Studio 503-233-9644, email: [email protected] or www.judithgiauque.worldartspace.com

Fall '01 Issue 19

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