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Issue 32 – Winter 04-05

Issue 32 - Winter 04-05

Mary Magdalene by Jonathan Weber

Mary Magdalen, the beloved disciple of Jesus, is gaining recognition for her role in the founding of Christianity. Many modern scholars now believe there was a deliberate attempt by early priests and politicians to cover-up the true significance of her life and work. “The Gospel of Mary”, which was not included in the original Christian bible, has been unearthed and is now in circulation. This gospel reveals that Mary had a privileged relationship with Jesus, and learned esoteric secrets that even the male disciples were not taught. She is perhaps the first apostle, and some consider that she was an intimate companion to Jesus.

She is shown here at the tomb of Jesus, having realized that he ascended body and soul into the realm of spirit. She had come to the tomb to annoint his body with nard, after having been witness to his crucifixion. She came from a place of great darkness in her life, yet through her contact with Jesus, realized a profound liberation.

Jonathan Weber is a visionary artist dedicated to revealing the sacred feminine in art. He lives and paints in Southern Oregon. He has an online gallery at altarimagestudio.com, and can be contacted at 541.846.9323. Jonathan is also available for portraits and commission work.

Winter '05 Issue 32

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